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Nostalgic Straits Refreshments and Desserts

Our Beliefs

Born out of the need for authentic drinks, we created The Straits Refreshment Co, with the mission to share great tasting local drinks. Toasted coconut shavings, aromatic pandan and rich-mellow gula-melaka are a few of our favourite palette.

Our indulgent for you includes Avocado Coconut Milkshake, Original Street-Styled Coconut Milkshake and Straits Signature Hand-pulled Milk Tea to stay relieved in this blistering tropical weather or to just simply delight your friends and family with these wholesome,
yummy goodness!

Our Menu

Straits Inspired Milk Tea

Kickin’ it o’ school hand-pulled style

Straits Signature Hand-Pulled Milk Tea
Straits selection tea leaves and fresh milk

Pandan Milk Tea
Delightful straits combination of brewed pandan and rich milk tea

Coconut Rush

Absolute tropical delight to beat the heat

Avocado Coconut Milk
Blended creamy avocado with fresh coconut and milk

Original Coconut Milk Shake (Dairy Free Options Available)
Classic long queue street-style coconut milk shake

Pandan Coconut Milk Shake
Aromatic matured pandan blend with fragrant coconut

Roasted Coconut Milk Shake
Earthy and sweet tropical quencher

Coconut Water & Flesh
Refreshing Au naturel young Thai coconut

Straits Coconut
Refreshing blended young coconut

Botanical (with Snake Needle Grass)

Fizzy bursting goodness from real fruits

Roselle Berries
Brewed roselle with strawberry, blueberry and raspberry

Citrus Burst
Creative blend of orange, yuzu, cucumber and pineapple

Dessert Shakes

Taking a trip down the nostalgic lane with every sip

Michael Jackson (Soy Milk and Grass Jelly)
Classic soy milk with chilled grass jelly

Chendol Shake
All time favourite combination of fragrant red bean,
jelly whiskers, coconut milk and gula melaka


Mouth-watery companion for a complete meal satisfaction

Coconut Panna Cotta
Homemade pandan purée topped with rich coconut milk and bluepea infused coconut jelly

Straits Ondeh Cake (6″ Inch)
Heartily crafted layered cake with pandan, gula melaka and rich-mellow toasted kelapa flakes

Fresh Superfruit

All for the fibre and more

Classic Apple Beetroot Carrot (ABC)
The three musketeers for toxin purging

Soursop Guava
Fibre and skin health goodness

Avocado Milk
Unbelievably creamy , non-dairy alternative

Dragonfruit Melons
“C” the vitamins within

Apple Juice
No added sugar, flavourings or preservatives

Papaya Milk
Famous, frothy goodness

Brewed Tea

Fret not for the reserved

Straits Tea (Hot/Cold)
Freshly brewed handpicked black tea leaves

Topped Toppings

Great drinks comes with great toppings

Brown Sugar Pearls

Collagen Peach Resin

Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Flesh

Grass Jelly

Toasted Coconut Shavings

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